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  Sarir Ghalam name derived from Sarir word which means reed instrument during calligraphy and Ghalam which remind us 60 years history of Rofougaran family in stationary industry. when a new thought comes to your mind the first thing that should be done is that the colorful thinks record on paper as colorful shape exactly right here point88 roller ball helps you. we want to make a difference in the use of STABILO produces with uniqe...
  The first thing  that comes to your mind is that buying the products with great quality and good repituation which can be use full over the years and meet your demand. Sarir Ghalam company stablish with aim of expanding in amarket of stationary not only with the group of young people but also sixty years experiances in produce and sales of  BIC product. Now ,the company with exclusive agent of STABILO intent to conquered Iran...
  Managing Director of Sarir Ghalam:Rambod Rofougaran About the future of Stabilo in iran and whether Stabilo in iran can find a palce like Stabilo in Germany ,Managing Driector of Sarir Ghalam .Rambod Rofougaran expresses: Stabilo  by 150 years of experience in the world and a 50-year-old chairman of the board in iran for a while Stabilo can find a palce like Stabilo in Gemany . variety of STABILO stuff can be attractive for...