History of STABILO


       1855:Schwann Stabilo  run a small company producing penciles in Nowrenberg,Germany.


        1865: Gvstavadam schwann was become a manger of company which faced with many finacial difficulties.


     1875: the shape of schwan was chosen as a  symbol which comes from their family name.


         1908:Gustav schwann was passed away and his two sons Edward and aguest were managing the company .


                                 1940:  world war second destroyed all companis and stop every thing until 1945 every thing was rebuilt .    


                                1949:After  second world war It takes a year for runing and rebuilt company again.

       1953:In1953.pens introduce to the world market and STABILO decieded to enter in to the pen market along with pencil.


       1955:Company celebrate their their 100years  ages.



      1971:The fourth generation of the schwann Hazr family during their trip to USA,reach to the idea to creat new product which provided to make highlighter for important notes .finally this new idea cause to invent and produce the first STABILO Boss Highlighter.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

    1977:Stabilo company decided to produce fluent writing that it felt tip and the writing is quite fluent in 4 colors start to produce .after years become to 25color,Its body is orange striped with point88 first launched.


       1990:In this year bass highlighter sales up to 500 milion.


    1996:This year's sales figure reached 1 billion Stabilo Bass highlighter .

    1998: The fifth generation of Schwann family Sebastian schwann Hazr became as principle of STABILO Compan..


     2004:The first Ergonomic pen had designed .manufactured and sold by STABILO.


     2005:Stabil company's became  150 years old.


  2011:In this year the Stabilo company celebrated their  40th years old  STABILO Boss Highlighter .