Who was the first pen manufacturer company in Iran?

Ghalam Khodkar industrial company ((producer of Bic Cristal pen with managing of Ali Rofougaran (Tahririan) in 1963.))

Do STABILO products produce in Iran?

Not yet ,But whereas this family always trying for development of generate and enterprenurship ,we hope will do this in the future .

Where can I find STABILO products ?

In all of good stores in all over of Iran also in chain stores like Hyperstar, in case you couldent find it you can call sales department of Sarir Ghalam at +98 21 22669600.

In case of dissatisfaction of STABILO stationery how can I inform it ?

Expressing regret of your dissatisfaction ,in case you face any problem you can send an email to info @sgiworld.com or contact with sales and marketing manager.Please mention product name ,where and when preper it .send your address for us till after checking we send you one as a gift .

What should I do if lose cap of the pen or rollerpen ?

If you lose cap of your pen or rollerpen ,dont worry .First put pen or rollerpen in plastic bag quickly and ban it till ink doesnt be dry .Then email us the name and color of the good .we will send you the new cap .

Why the cap of STABILO Boss is black and it is not match with the color of the ink ?

STABILO Boss original is one of the most succseful products of STABILO .one of the the factor of the success is its unique design .The black cover is feature of this design so determine to keep this feature but for instant another highlighter Luminator cap is homochromatic with it ink and a have a big ink tank.

Does point88 has a permanent ink ?

Totally there isnt any specific standard for rollerpens permanent ink and this is same for point88 also but this ink is suitable for office use that doesnt be erase,oxidized and will indelible on paper for ten years .

Which STABILO product is suitable for writing on CD and DVD?

Ohpen permanent product that available in 3 sizes and 4 colors and also STABILO write-4 -all .